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Modern cities, with their aging concrete infrastructure, are at risk from earthquakes and other natural disasters. Heating and cooling these cities is also extremely energy intensive. With new advances in recovered reinforced concrete improving structural integrity and reducing building cost, progress has finally started to occur in construction materials design.

Now, we have introduced a new technology: SRF (Super Reinforcement with Flexibility). SRF is a tough, durable fabric that wraps reinforced concrete (RC), making them much safer and more durable, much like a new material called recovered reinforced concrete (R2C). So far, almost 10,000 columns have been wrapped in SRF in Japan.

On March 11, 2011, our technology was put to the ultimate test in the Great East Japan Earthquake. The results were dramatic: structures wrapped in SRF fabric suffered hardly any damage, and were noticed to shake significantly less.

SRF has also been recognized as an effective insulator, reducing heating and cooling costs, and the electrical load on city grids.

Making cities safe, comfortable and economical is a global problem which requires new ideas, materials and technologies such as SRF. In that spirit, please join our enterprise.

Feb.1, 2013
Shunichi Igarashi, Dr.Eng.

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