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  • iconThe building does not yet meet the
    anti-seismic standard, but with our budget…It is much more reasonable than conventional retrofitting!
  • iconI would like to reinforce the building,
    but can’t shut down business…SRF is possible even during business hours and after closing time.
  • iconTaking down sashes and setting wiring…
    The massive amount of construction work is worring.SRF can be installed by simply avoiding obstacles.
  • iconThis wooden house is very old, and I’m worried that
    steel reinforcement will damage the wood.SRF does not damage the wood.

Customer's Voice


N cooperate headquarter Resistered engineer Mr.A

Location : Sinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Construction date: April, 2005 - April,2005 (1 month)
10 columns constructed

Before the SRF renovation, the building used to shake due to buses and trucks passing by the road. With SRF, it did not shake and was comfortable.


Chikamori Hospital Manager Mr.T

Location:Kochi prefecture Kochi city
Construction date:November, 2011 - May, 2012
8 Columns constructed

Medical institutions designed as an emergency hospital are necessary to be able to operate 24 hours. SRF has made it possible to continue to operate with reasonable price and fast construction with safety.


Sentokaikan CEO Mr.C

Location : Miyagi prefecture, Sendai city
Construction date: March,2010 - September,2010
8 columns, 7 walls constructed

Many Managers know aiti-seisemic is necessary but hesitates because of the cost and noise. This method is a boon.

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