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Function Test

SRF displays high toughness even with high axial forces and in short columns.
It supports axial forces even when distorted 30%.

[Non-repair work] Final deformation (1/13rad) : [SRF] Near the ultimate strain (1/25rad)
Design & construction guidelines  explanation of the SRF Section 5.3.

In the University of Tokyo and Yokohama National University were performed axial force distortion (axial force ratio up to 0.96) repetition tests, showing that the SRF does not cause bending compression damage. The Japan Building Disaster Prevention Association confirmed SRF as a reliable retrofitting method.

Non-reinforcement : SRF
Buildings with the SRF / Design construction guideline and explanation Section 5.6

Repeated loading tests of SRF in short columns showed no shear compression destruction. In their technical evaluation, the Japan Building Disaster Prevention Association recognized the limitation of h0/D is unnecessary for SRF.

  • Wall reinforced by rebar
    Photo 1:
    Wall reinforced by rebar
  • SRF (back side)
    Photo 2:
    SRF (back side)
  • SRF implementation
    SRF implementation
  • Figure 1
    Figure 1
  • Block wall test
    Block wall test
  • Testing continuous layer of wall openings
    Testing continuous layer of wall openings

Repeated loading tests were conducted together with the University of Tokyo verified that SRF improved resisting forces and toughness as calculated. The Japan Building Disaster Prevention Association has technically evaluated and verified the resisting force and toughness of all sorts of wall reinforcements of SRF.
Experiments show that steel jackettings and fiber reinforcements can be torn off easily, making themselves ultimately ineffective. Rebar cracks (Photo 1) are concentrated in one place, causing damage to concrete. SRF only delivers tensile forces without resisting compression or shear forces (Figure 1). SRF collaborates with concrete, so the cracks distribute (Photo 2).

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