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If the groundwork is sound, there is no need to cut, chamfer. This would unlikely produce dust, noise, vibration, odor from the construction work. Also, both polyester materials and urethane adhesive do not conduct electricity. Therefore there will be no accident of short circuit on electrical equipment due to scattering fiber.

Continuous Fiber Reinforcement Steel Jacketting
Specialty Workers* double circle triangle triangle
Unnecessary Necessary Necessary
Weight of Material circle double circle ×
Slightly light Light Extremely heavy
Machine & Equipment
for attachment
double circle triangle ×
Unnecessary Necessary Large-scale equipment
Odor & dust circle × ×
Hardly any Trimming,smoothing cause
dust & solvents cause odor.
Smoothing causes dust

* SRF can be conducted only by contracting company.

Continuous Fiber Reinforcement Steel Jacketting
double circle triangle triangle
It does not contain
endocrine-disrupting chemicals.
Contains endocrine-
disrupting chemicals.
There is the danger of
fire from welding works.

I would like to reinforce the building, but can’t shut down business…

>> Renovation is possible even during business hours.

SRF is simple and does not produce dust, noise, vibration, or offensive odors. Therefore it is possible to continue working during renovation. Usually, the renovation is finished within holidays and after closing time.

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